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Welcome to the BDQ™ - Bird Dog Quality Scoring Portal

The Bird Dog Portal is an extension of RJO's highly acclaimed Bird Dog Inspection Program and is able to instantly track crop quality in the field. It allows RJO Bird Dog inspectors to photograph, collect, and instantly classify the quality of any fresh produce they are inspecting. The system allows the Bird Dog™ to input a broad range of quality characteristics for each commodity and variety; from size, color and solidity to brix and overall appearance.

The Portal allows the ability to track product quality today and over time where each characteristic is instantly coded and assigned a BDQ™ Score.

Product scoring algorithms have been reviewed and modified to allow adjustments based on customer specific quality specifications. BDQ™ scores reflect the key attributes determined by the customer to measure their desired quality against the market and over time.

RJO customers now have the ability to assess and quantify the quality of fresh produce in ways never done before. This new process brings the Bird Dog App™ and BDQ™ scores full circle providing unbiased, quantifiable, quality information based on their quality specifications. No longer are buyers working off a "best available" or this "ranks #1" and have to apply it to their business.